The mission of the Museum of Performance + Design is to keep the unfolding history of the performing arts in the San Francisco Bay Area alive. We collect, preserve, and make accessible materials on performance and theater design to support learning, appreciation, and creativity within a world-wide community of artists, researchers, and the general public.

Board of Trustees 

Pattie Lawton, President

William S. Eddelman, Vice President

Jessica MacDermid, Secretary

Mark Oliver

Bruce Walker



Kirsten Tanaka, Interim Executive Director


Kirsten Tanaka, Head Librarian/Archivist


Supriya Wronkiewicz, San Francisco Ballet Archivist/Project Archivist




Tonyana Borkovi, Renu Cappelli, Michael Hunter, Katherine Mezur, Derek Philips, Ryan Tacata, Heather and Seth Warren-Crow




The Collected Works, Kara Davis/Project Agora, Latifa Medjdoub, Yula Paluy, Derek Philips, Giulia Vittori, Alessio Silvestrin, warren-crow+warren-crow




The Museum of Performance + Design is supported in part by


Anonymous, The Mervyn L. Brenner Foundation Inc., The Capital Union Group, The Fleishhacker Foundation, Ann & Gordon Getty Foundation, John & Marcia Goldman Foundation, Lisa & Douglas Goldman Fund, Grants For The Arts/Hotel Tax Fund, Institute of Museum & Library Services, Voluntary Tax Contribution Funds, National Endowment for the Arts, Wallis Foundation, Zellerbach Family Foundation






Russell Hartley Society

Robert Mailer Anderson and Nicola Miner,  Mr. and Mrs. Joachim Bechtle, Vera Carpeneti, Mr.and Mrs. Mark Casey, Ms. Delia F. Ehrlich, Elyse Eng, Mr. and Mrs. William Fisher, Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Fisher. Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Gans, Stanlee Gatti. Mr. and Ms. John Goldman, Dr. Jeffrey Hays and Carole Shorenstein Hays, Ambassador James C. Hormel, Mr. Herbert B. Kennedy, Pattie Lawton, Mr. and Mrs. Michael Mauze, Nion McEvoy, Latifa Medjdoub and Brant Downes, Mary Miner, Diana Nelson and John Atwater, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Newman, Damon Raike, Joyce Reitman and Joe Drummond, Mr. Barrett Shaver, Roselyne Swig, Richard Thalheimer, Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Walker, Diane B. Wilsey


Community Partners

A Simple Collective

Yerba Buena Alliance


Business Partners



Jamber Wine Pub


La Méditerranée

Noah's Bagels


Business Affiliations

Dance Heritage Coalition

Yerba Buena Community Benefit District


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