Hi-Resolution Scans


Hi-Resolution Scans

from 10.00

Please select your options based on the following:

Personal: scans are requested by an individual for their own use.

Non-profit: scans are requested by a representative from a non-profit organization.

All others: scan are requested by a representative from a for-profit organization and/or does not fall in one of the other categories.

After identifying your category, please choose which resolution you would like for your scans. If you are requesting both 600 dpi and 1200 dpi images, please request each type separately.

PLEASE ADD THE $10 DELIVERY/HANDLING FEE TO YOUR CART. Orders without this fee will not be processed.

Type of Scan:
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MP+D owns many unique, rare and/or fragile materials. To ensure the long-term preservation of these items and to reduce the risk of materials being misplaced, all copying is done by MP+D. Some items may be judged too fragile to be copied.

Copies are made available solely for the reference use of the applicant. In making copies available, MP+D does not grant permission to reproduce or quote extensively for publication or broadcast. MP+D possesses physical property rights through its ownership of materials. Copyright, however, often resides either with the creator or his/her heirs and must be secured by the researcher prior to publication or broadcast.