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Performance Alive, an audio tour by warren-crow+warren-crow

Welcome to the audio tour of Performance Alive!

In this self-guided audio tour, your host Valerie will invite you to follow her into, out of, and through the museum space, bringing our archive to life through first-person narrative and rare audio documents from our collection. Valerie's singular musical voice and observations will test any expectations you may have about what a museum is, guide your reflection about the nature of our collection, and challenge your sense of perception. On your journey, you will be exposed to the sonic traces of dance, theater, opera, and the environment, including historical audio tracks of performance documentation, oral histories taken from performance practitioners, and textual descriptions of the sound of live performance. 

The tour was created by warren-crow-warren-crow while in residence at the Museum of Performance + Design. The audio piece uses binaural recording techniques and sound positioning to produce a believable sonic space at times similar to, at times different from, the real space in which the listener is situated. Always attuned to the musicality of the voice and the difficulty of describing sound and acoustic experience, warren-crow+warren-crow are inviting audiences to think through the relationship between the archive and the senses, the live and the prerecorded, the private and the public, and speech and noise.

warren-crow+warren-crow create live art concerned with the musicality of the voice and the circulation of collective fantasies through the space of media culture. Referencing the formal structure of lectures, press conferences, news reports, cabaret shows, and museum audio tours, their work uses the tension between speech and noise to draw attention to mediation as the basis of communication and to identity as a negotiation between the private and the public. Their collaborations are both performance art and sound art—mash-ups of live vocal expression and manipulated audio or video clips culled from a wide variety of sources.


Performance Alive
Wednesday - Friday
12:30PM  -  5:30PM
(not available Oct 25 - 31st, 2017)
Museum of Performance + Design
893B Folsom Street, San Francisco
$5 / per headset
ALL public. Appropriate for family, kids, and the visually impaired
Info: | 415.741.3531 | 


Performance Live was made possible in part thanks to grants from the Fleishhacker Foundation and Grants For The Arts.