COLLECTION highlights


Special Collections

. Bob Johnson Sheet Music Collection: 60,000-piece sheet music collection of songs from films, stage and more than twenty other categories ranging from rock and pop to wars and world's fairs. (See list)
. Joseph Marchi Musical Theater Collection: 10,000 musical theater related LPs, CDs, books, scripts, scores, magazines, videos, sheet music, and posters.

. Bruce Walker Musical Theater Recording Collection: 3,000 original Broadway, London, revival, studio, film and television cast recordings (See list)
. Richard F. Larson Opera Libretti Collection: 3,000 opera libretti representing some 1,000 composers (1686- present)
. Alan Farley Radio Interview Collection: 2,759 radio interviews featuring Bay Area, national, and international creators and performers from theater, film, television, opera, dance and music (1977-present)
. Bernard Taper Balanchine Photo Collection: 623 photographs documenting the life and career of George Balanchine
. Wylie Wong Photo Collection: 400 vintage photographs of Chinese theatrical productions and performers (See online Image Collection)
. Joel E. Rubin Theatre Periodicals Collection: 50 years of stage design, theatre architecture, and technology journals from 15 countries
. Legacy Oral History Collection: 70 oral histories of significant members from the Bay Area performing arts community
. Center to Preserve Music Culture Collection: 10, 673 books, periodicals, posters, and albums related to rock, pop, and jazz
. Theatrical Design Research Collection: 25,000 books, periodicals, fashion plates, hand-colored engravings and postcards documenting centuries of theatrical costumes, theater architecture, set and costume design, masks, fashion, and clothing
. KSAN Radio Archive: 2, 200 recordings of live rock, blues, and folk concerts and interviews broadcast on KSAN radio from 1967-1981
. Chevron Standard Hour Collection: 396 recordings from the historic Standard Hour broadcasts (1941-1953) featuring world renowned opera singers, musicians, and conductors
. Fantasy Records Collection: 76 cartons of publicity and biographical files of Fantasy Records artists
. David Selvin Duke Ellington Recording Collection: 216 LPs and 193 CDs featuring recordings of Duke Ellington and his music.


Reference Material

. 20,000 biographical files on individual actors, dancers, musicians, composers, conductors, choreographers, singers and other performing artists
. 21,300 files containing reviews, articles, programs, and souvenir books on local and touring plays and musicals, theater companies, and buildings
. 4, 500 music and opera files containing information on local, national, and international opera and musical groups, organizations, associations, festivals, schools, and subjects
. 15,000 dance, music, opera, and theater books
. 5,000 commercial and non-commercial videos of local dance, music, and theater performances in the Bay Area from the mid-80's to the present
. 2,000 dance files containing information on local, national, and international ballet, folk, jazz, ethnic, tap, and modern dance companies, dance schools, festivals, specific ballets, dance styles, and dances
. 1,600 posters of local and touring dance, music, opera, and theatrical productions in the Bay Area from the 19th and 20th centuries
. 150 scrapbooks containing clippings, photographs, and programs of the various productions and artists who have appeared in the Bay Area over the last one hundred plus years
. Original artwork including self-portraits by Anna Pavlova and 19th-century oil paintings of famed performers such as Lola Montez and Marie Taglioni
. 1,000 original set and costume designs including works by Boris Aronson, Cecil Beaton, Sandra Woodall and Irene Sharaff
. Broadsides from San Francisco theatres (1851-1882)


. San Francisco Ballet
. San Francisco Opera
. San Francisco Ethnic Dance Festival


Personal Papers

. Leonora Wood Armsby: President and managing director of the San Francisco Symphony (1935-1953)
. Gisella Caccialanza: Prima Ballerina and wife of Lew Christensen
. Lew Christensen: Dancer, choreographer, San Francisco Ballet Director (1951-1984)
. Robert Commanday: San Francisco Chronicle opera and music critic 1965-1993
. Phil Elwood: San Francisco Examiner and Chronicle music critic
. Alexander Fried: San Francisco Examiner critic

. Dean Goodman: American film and stage actor
. Anna Halprin: Innovative dance teacher, performer, and choreographer
. Gustav Hinrichs: Composer and conductor who formed the San Francisco Philharmonic Orchestra in the 1880s

. Dorothy Kirsten: American opera star
. Peter Mintun: American pianist
. Bari Rolfe: Dancer, teacher, mime
. Calvin Simmons: Oakland Symphony Orchestra conductor
. Paul Gerard Smith: Playwright, actor, director and one of the writers for Funny Face and the Ziegfeld Follies of 1924, 1925, and 1926
. Michael Smuin: Tony and Emmy-Award winning choreographer and dancer
. Gladys Swarthout: American opera star

. June Watanabe: Modern dancer, choreographer, teacher.
. Sandra Woodall: Costume designer for many of the Bay Area’s most prominent performing arts institutions.

. Conrad Susa: American Composer (Dangerous Liaisons, 1994)

Photographic Collections

. Lillian Bauer
. Donald Coney
. Harry Jew
. Katherine Kahrs
. Chester Kessler
. Henri McDowell
. Bob McLeod
. Ira Nowinski
. Ron Scherl
. Chris Wahlberg
. Max Waldman
. Tom Zimberoff