ARCHIVE LIVE 2018 | The Latin Quarter: Maclovia Ruiz and the Missing Beat - June 28, 2018

The first public workshop performance of The Latin Quarter: Maclovia Ruiz and the Missing Beat by Alejandro Murguía will take place on Thursday, June 28 at the new Brava Cabaret in San Francisco. Developed in collaboration with MP+D as part of its Archive Live series, this year's performance / installation is inspired by the career of dancer Maclovia Ruiz (1910-2005) and San Francisco's Latin Quarter.  

At one time pre-1950s the Latino community was based in North Beach and because of the numerous nightclubs in the area featuring top name Latino performers and Latin American bands, the neighborhood was known as The Latin Quarter, a center of bohemian art and culture. It was this bohemian ambience that would attract a new generation that would later be known as The Beats.

Out of that artistic milieu of the then barrio of North Beach would emerge Maclovia Ruiz, an exceptional dancer of Mexican origin who would eventually reach national and international acclaim and perform with such dance luminaries as Adolph Bolm of the Ballets Russes and San Francisco Opera Ballet, George Balanchine, and the great Spanish flamenco maestro Antonio Ruiz Solar. 

The performance / installation -- reminiscent of the 1950s -- will feature the career of Maclovia Ruiz with original material from MP+D's collection, as well as a narration by Murguía, recounting the history of Ruiz, the Latin Quarter and the missing beat of San Francisco.

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Admission: Free. (Suggested donation $5+)

Seating is limited. To make a reservation, please call 415-741-3531.

ARCHIVE LIVE 2018 is funded by grants from the Zellerbach Family Foundation and Grants for the Arts.