MP+D is All Over Sound...


All Over Sound is taking the public through an exploration of sound in performance with a series of events featuring the work of visiting artists LATIFA MEDJDOUB, HACO, and WARREN-CROW+WARREN-CROW in collaboration with local artists and in dialogue with the site and the collection of the Museum of Performance + Design. 


On May 25, visual artist LATIFA MEDJDOUB and sound artist HACO collaborate on Eurythmy #2, a social performance-concert at MP+D inspired by nature’s energy and rhythmical order that invites an active public to reflect on the multiple levels of interconnectedness between individuals and networks. At the performance, the public will use sculptural modular elements and collaborate on the construction of a vast, ephemeral, flexible architecture in relation to the physical space of the Museum and a live environmental soundscape designed by Japanese artist HACO. Through this unparalleled artistic experience, participants will gradually be transported into the material world of an expansive soft fiber-sculpture and the immaterial world of an open-ended sonic environment, all the while exploring how the two worlds coexist and co-create.


The fiber sculptures involved in Eurythmy #2 will be in part conceived through the Strings Series Workshop in San Francisco and Portland. In San Francisco, the workshop will take place on May 20 at MP+D. Combining mundane objects with sophisticated textile art techniques, the workshop will stimulate creative social interactions while exploring notions of space, time, and movement.  Eurythmy #2 and the Strings Series Workshop are presented by MP+D in partnership with LATIFA MEDJDOUB and HACO, with lead support from the Fleishhacker Foundation and Grants for the Arts; GLEAN, an artist residency program by Recology, Metro and crakedpots in Portland and San Francisco; and supported by APICC, Asian Pacific Islander Cultural Center (Threading Resilience).


On June 15, 5:30 - 9:00PM, Museum of Performance + Design will join Third Thursday in Yerba Buena with SFMUSE:music, a FREE outreach party celebrating San Francisco music history and the legacy of key San Francisco artists, critics, and institutions. MP+D will open its doors to the community at large with a program of live music, talks, and DJing featuring a remix of sound files from the MP+D collection. SFMUSE:music is presented in partnership with the San Francisco Conservatory of Music, SFJAZZ, and SFCV. 


SFMUSE:music marks the culmination of Preserving San Francisco's 20th c. Musical Landscape, a year-long NEA-sponsored processing and digitization project that makes available to the public 234 linear feet of materials through our free reference library and a selection of these materials through a new free online exhibit. The materials include the papers of American composer CONRAD SUSA; Standard Hour Program Manager ADRIAN MICHAELIS; San Francisco Chronicle music critic ROBERT COMMANDAY and San Francisco Examiner jazz critic PHIL ELWOOD; and FANTASY RECORDS’s publicity files.


This year, MP+D also collaborated with WARREN-CROW+WARREN-CROW to develop a sonic experience designed for public engagement based on our collection and our site. At once a performance and an audio tour, the self-guided experience will take the audience into, out of, and through the museum space while listening to a specifically designed track on a personal playback device with headphones. The release of the tour at our Archive Live 2017 will coincide with the FREE Yerba Buena Art Walk on Saturday June 17, 2017, 2:00pm – 6:00pm.  The sonic tour will subsequently be available at MP+D on an on-going basis, with a $5 charge per headset.


While in residence at MP+D, WARREN-CROW+WARREN-CROW approached the collection of the Museum of Performance + Design with an ear for the sonic traces of theater and dance, paying special attention to the audio tracks of performance documentation, oral histories taken from performance practitioners, and textual descriptions of the sound of live performance. The audio piece will use binaural recording techniques and sound positioning to produce a believable sonic space at times similar to, at times different from, the real space in which the listener is situated. Always attuned to the musicality of the voice and the difficulty of describing sound and acoustic experience, WARREN-CROW+WARREN-CROW are inviting audiences to think through the relationship between the archive and the senses, the live and the prerecorded, the private and the public, and speech and noise.


Preceding Archive Live 2017, the public panel discussion The Sonic Worlds of Performance on June 14, 6:00PM will bring together MP+D’s artists-in-residence WARREN-CROW+WARREN-CROW with members of the Bay Area’s performance community. The particular make-up of the panel including WARREN-CROW+WARREN-CROW will create a path for a wide array of discussion topics. Of interest is exploring the ways that sound and visuals engage spectators differently; the recent increase in the use of sound in theatrical performance; the difficulties around archiving the sounds of live performance; the challenges of writing about sound; and the relationship between the compositional and choreographic processes.


See Events for more information on our All over Sound series.